5 Reasons for Investing in Italy

Is your firm looking for a profitable investment to start or expand a business abroad? Are you searching for a new way to diversify your assets? Do you want to reach higher financial goals in the years to come?

Or, are you a private citizen that wants to invest abroad to earn safer and higher returns?

If you identify with at least one of those questions, then you might seriously want to look for an investment in Italy. This country is not only the most beautiful in the world, but is also a great place for making investments.

Whether you want to invest your money in real estate, or in an economic activity, there are at least 5 good reasons why you should invest in Italy:



Italy is strategically placed in the Mediterranean Sea and Europe; making it a logistic gateway, easily connecting Eastern and Western Europe, and Europe with Northern Africa and the Middle East.


Italy is the second largest manufacturing economy in Europe, after Germany and followed by France and the UK. It is a leading producer in many fields, from design, food, wine, architecture, to high-tech and machinery.


The quality of Italy’s products is extremely appealing worldwide. Amongst European countries, Italy’s export is second only to Germany’s and is still one of the most important in the world. In 2015 Italy had the 5th largest manufacturing trade surplus amongst G-20 countries.


Italy has a population of 60 million and the per capita GDP is 36,000 dollars. Italian households have high savings and a low level of indebtedness, compared to other developed countries. These conditions offer a high potential for companies interested in entering the Italian market.


Italy has the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites (51 total). Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, and thousands of other places offer a unique experience to the millions of tourists that visit Italy every year. It is the 5th most visited country in the world and the number of foreign tourists is increasing, year after year. This trend represents a great opportunity for investors in real estate.

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