We offer the best assistance services to Private Citizens, Firms, Agencies, Industries from all over the world in finding the best solutions for their businesses in Italy.
Thanks to our highly-qualified team who knows every aspect of the Italian market, law, institutions and territory, we are able to provide a large variety of services.
With a high-qualified and experienced Team of international experts, lawyers, business and real estate consultants, Italia Global Consulting is the perfect solution for foreign citizens and companies looking for assistance with their business in the Italian territory.

Our Services

Italian Excellence

From raw materials to top-quality finished products: we supply industries and businesses with the best goods made in Italy. We operate in various sectors: real estate, textile, manufacturing and many more and we are in connected and in contact with producers all over Italy to guarantee our clients the best products on the market.
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Fair Stands Planning

Our highly-trained team will help your business, firm or agency with a full-inclusive plan in organizing and setting up your stand to present your products/services at national and international Fairs and Expositions. We also procure qualified personnel for shows and events in Italy.
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Statistical Researches & Services

We offer analytical services to firms, industries, consulting firms, agencies, researchers, lawyers and scholars. We provide aid and assistance in any step of the process: deciding on the data needed, choosing the best data retrieval process, analysis of the retrieved data.
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Registered Office Providers

Among our services, we also provide our clients in need with a Registered Address where letters from Companies House and other legal authorities can be delivered and tracked. Companies are often required to keep certain documents at their Registered Address and offer facilities for public inspection when requested.
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Legal Representation

We offer legal aid and representation to Companies, Firms, Industries and Private Citizens. We are higly trained and qualified to deal with the Italian Judicial System concerning law suits, law inquiries and disputes.
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Locations Research

Our team of Consultants and Experts will help you by locating the perfect sites for your events such as special occasions, anniversaries, receptions, galas, meetings, religious functions and much more. Furthermore, we will take care of the booking, preparation and paperwork involved.
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Debt Collection

Thanks to our debt collection expertise and technology we can help any business or private in recovering their credits. Our partnerships with expert solicitors, insolvency practitioners and translators will ease the process to make sure that the debt is settled as soon as possible.
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Commercial Networks Development

We at Italia Global Consulting know how difficult and complicated is to create and mantain a stable Commercial Network, especially from Overseas.  Our team will assist the client during every phase of the process of the networking; from the partnership research and through the bureaucratic parts.
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Italian Market Analysis

Market Analysis is becoming more and more important nowadays, in particular when seeking the optimal sector to invest to. By studying the attractiveness and the opportunities deriving from a specific industry, conducting economic impact analysis, models and indices, and forecasting macro and micro trends, our team will formulate a complete Business Plan for your investment.
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Our Team


Italian Office:

Corso Del Popolo 222

45100 Rovigo, Italy

email: info@italiaglobalconsulting.com

Phone: +39 0425-093060


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